Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Some Assembly Required"

If you ever put together children's toys that stated "some assembly required" you may shudder every time you hear those words. But let me assure you - assembly of our cat trees is simple and easy. The only tool required is a small wrench. The smaller trees (The Spider and The Acorn) come fully assembled, the rest need to be put together. The top and base simply "spin" on, and all that is required is that you "hand" tighten them to the trunk. The leaves attach to a metal bracket on the trunk with two bolts. The holes are easily accessible to slip the bolt through, and you have no trouble fitting a wrench onto the nut to tighten. Velco flaps hide all the metal parts. A drawing of how the parts go together comes with every cat tree for those who need a "visual".

The trees are very sturdy and stable once assembled, and guaranteed not to tip under normal use. The various parts of each cat tree is designed to be "replaceable" - if a leaf gets damaged for example, it can be replaced without replacing the entire tree. You may want to change the color theme; you could easily do that by changing parts. This feature gives you much more value for your money and extends the life of the tree.

So whatever you are looking for in Cat Furniture; whether its called a Cat Condo, Cat House, Cat Climbing Tree, Cat Scratching Post, etc. - you owe it to your feline friend to check out the products at Great Lakes Cat Furniture.

Don't let the phrase "some assembly required" scare you. It truely is fast and easy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Advertisement in Cat Fancy

Did you see our advertisement in "Cat Fancy" magazine. This was our first venture into national advertising and we were pleased with the number of responses received.
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