Thursday, March 06, 2008

Luxury Cat Beds and Furniture

We make some of the most unique cat furniture in the industry. All our cat trees are hand crafted of only the finest materials to assure long lasting satisfaction. We also have a five year limited warranty on the construction of the tree.

Some of the features we build into our cat furniture include:
- All our leaves are contoured so your cat 'molds' into the leaf providing a higher comfort index.
- Our large leaves and tops have a thermal liner that retains your cat's body heat for greater comfort.
- Leaves are designed to 'flex' when your cat climbs or jumps on them, so they act as a shock absorber, making it easier on your cat's joints.
- The extra wide base on every cat tree insures stability and prevents tipping.
- A wide variety of sizes and colors helps you find the perfect unit for the most finicky of cats or hard to fit area.
- All the tops, leaves and bases are easily replaced in the event of damage or wear thus giving you an affordable way of extending the life of the cat tree.

Our goal is to provide a quality piece of cat furniture that is both functional and cost effective and that will give you and your cat(s) years of pleasure and security while maintaining our lead in the category of luxury cat beds and furniture.

Save 15% If Ordered In March 2008

The unique Jack-N-Beanstalk cat tree is on sale during the month of March 2008. Order this cat tree from our website and save 15% on the cost of the tree (that's a $120.00 savings). The Jack-N-Beanstalk is the most widely commented on piece of cat furniture we sell. Its unique design is meant to bring back memories of the childhood fairytale of the same name. This tree is a huge entertainment and comfort center for your cat or cats because several cats can fit on this tree. The top is a 30" by 40" platform shaped like a "cloud", and has two holes through which your cat can climb. The top bed is padded and contains our special thermal liner to retain your cat's body heat while they are sleeping or just relaxing above the "cloud". A total of 10 large sculptured leaves surround the trunk. Each leaf is contoured to "snuggle" your cat and is lined with the same heat retention layer that is built into the top. A 4" round vain has been added to the trunk in a serpentine affect to make it appear more like a beanstalk and provide another feature to entertain your cat. The base is 34" round for stability and guaranteed not to tip during normal cat. The entire cat tree is lined with high grade carpeting giving you and your cat years of trouble free wear and tear. A great value for the cost. This special design complements any setting and will be the focalpoint of conversation. Orders yours today!

Frequent Flyer Miles for Your Cat

People are beginning to think about Spring Break and Summer Vacations. Many people would like to bring their feline companion along on vacation, but unless they are driving, are not sure how to go about making arrangements. We are in the process of creating a series of articles that will take the guesswork out of making arrangements for your cat to fly with you in the event you are planning to use air transportation. The first article has been posted and discusses general rules and regulations of the airline industry. Here you will learn about the need for advance arrangements, the three ways your cat can travel, embargoes on account of temperature extremes, what container or kennel to use, health certificate requirements, the use of tranquilizers and more general information. To read the full article click Air Travel for Domestic Cats.

It is planned that from this main article you will be able to click on the airline you are flying and get specific information as to what their rules and regulations are. The first airline we have listed is Northwest Airlines. Over the next couple weeks we will add all the main domestic U.S. carriers. So if you are planning to travel by air the Spring or Summer and would like to take your cat along here is the first source to check to see how you go about making arrangements.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Most Popular Tree

Ever wonder what our best selling cat tree is? Well, so far in 2008 it has been the Little Oak. The design and size is perfect whether you have one cat or several. There is plenty of room for your cat or cats to be very active, moving from leaf to leaf, and darting in and out of the many holes. Your cat's curiosity will be constantly challenged. And after a period of activity each one of the leaves and the top platform are welcoming spots for a well deserved nap. The leaves are molded and lined with a thermal liner to store your cat's body heat for added comfort. Once your cat has snuggled-in even the sound of the can opener may not be enough to get them to move.

The Little Oak is approximately five feet tall and four and a half feet wide (from leaf tip to leaf tip). The trunk diameter is twelve inches. The large round base adds stability and guarantees the cat tree will not tip during normal use.

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