Friday, June 13, 2008

Request for Information - Litter Cabinets

I need input from people who have litter cabinets as to how you helped your cat adjust to a new litter box. Did you introduce the litter cabinet to a kitten so as it was getting use to a new environment the cabinet was just part of the process? Or did you bring a litter cabinet into your home where a mature cat lived, and if so, did you have any special adjustment problems to overcome? Do you have any tips you could share as to how to make the adjustment for your cat easier.

Your input would be greatly appreciated. Please add comments to this blog. Thank you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shopping For Information and Supplies Made Easy

Do you know how to sort through the thousands and thousands of cat associated items on the internet to narrow down your search to the best products or most popular publications? If you are a frequent user of one or more of the major product sites then I would say you probably have a good idea. However, if you normally don't spend time on these sites then I would venture to say it may take you two or three times longer to complete a search for cat products, then you may still be questioning if you really have found the best deals or most popular products. has come up with a way for us to help you find the better or targeted information more quickly. We eliminate the need for you to search through category layers looking for the right spot. Just click on the link below and it will take you right to the information you need about the newest and best cat books, cat supplies and products for your feline friend. Purchasing through is also convenient and secure. So if you have been looking for that "special" product, or perhaps you want a "special" gift, take a look at the site below.

Cat Books, Products and Supplies

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Cat Furniture preferred by more cats

A recent poll conducted by the Cat Channel asked visitors "What type of surface does your cat prefer to scratch?"

The results revealed that 33% of cats prefer carpet, 19% sisal, 19% expensive furniture, 14% cardboard, and the remaining 15% was lumped together under the heading of 'other'.

We realized when we first started building cat trees that a high grade commercial carpet would wear better and outlast sisal. We try to build to a higher standard and to provide a quality product that not only looks good, but will last for years. It costs more to build them the way we do, but we think the added value is worth it and in the end preferred more by our customer.

If you want to see our entire product line, which is preferred more by cats than any other cat furniture, click on the link below.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Cat Tree

We have just introduced a smaller version of the popular Jack-n-Beanstalk cat tree. This smaller piece of cat furniture is the ideal size for your smaller room or apartment. The "Little Jack" stands only five feet tall and has six large sculptured leaves around the trunk that are padded for your cats' comfort and security. Just like its big brother is has a four inch serpentine vain that goes around the trunk to tweak your cats' curiosity and add beauty to the cat tree. Your cat reaches the top "cloud" platform by going through one of two holes in the large top that measures 32 inches by 42 inches - plenty of room for more than one cat. We have kept the thermal liner in the top platform which retains your cats' body heat while asleep or performing that all important activity of keeping track of its human subjects. The large round base adds stability and prevents the cat tree from tipping over during normal cat activity.

Order the "Little Jack" for your feline friend today.