Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year's Resolution

We're sorry if you didn't get that new cat tree for Christmas, but all is not lost because now is the time to make a New Year's resolution to either buy your cat a cat tree, buy yourself a piece of cat furniture, or to replace that old worn out tree that just doesn't look very good anymore. If you take a close look at our product we know you will be pleased. Construction is superb, material is of the highest quality, features are unmatched, and there is a size/color combination to fit any decor and space available.

Start thinking today about ordering that new cat tree. The first step should be to click over to the website and take a tour of our product offering. Read about the many features and benefits that are built into our cat trees. Learn how we make all our parts replaceable so if an area does get damaged or worn it can be replaced without spending a whole lot of money on a new tree.

After reading our product descriptions and seeing our pictures you will know why our cat tree furniture is preferred more by cats than that of any other manufacturer. And after reading the section on "Guarantee and Warranty", and taking a look at the Gallery, you'll know why our furniture is preferred more by cat owners than that of other manufacturers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Plants are Poison for Pets

Beautiful holiday floral arrangements and some living plants may look great on the table, but can be lethal to pets. Recently, a 2 year old cat died from ingesting a stargazer lily that was part of a floral arrangement.

Ingestion of a toxic plant can cause a variety of symptoms, including drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, lethargy, and coma. If your cat displays any unusual symptoms after chewing on a house plant or flower arrangement, contact your veterinarian immediately.

If you are unsure about a plant's toxicity, ask your veterinarian. The National Animal Poison Control Information Center also offers a comprehensive list of plants toxic to cats on their website at

We also found a good article on the website of a local animal hospital - you can find it at

Be sure to check out the latest cat furniture, cat trees and cat condos from Great Lakes Cat Furniture. This is the furniture preferred most by cats. See our website:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Higher the Better

Even though man has been able to domesticate many of the cat breeds, there remains imprinted in these domesticated cats a strong instinctive trait compelling them to find high places from which to observe their territory. The Savanah in the picture to the left has found what he thinks is the best spot at the TICA show held in Grand Rapids MI this year. Not only did the cat tree provide the highest point in the room, it also provided several hiding places and many comfortable and secure spots to relax and nap.
Our unique cat trees are built with your cat's instictive behavioral traits in mind. That's why our cat furniture is the number one choice of cats and cat lovers everywhere.
See all our special products at:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Little Oak

This cat tree we call the "Little Oak" and its almost the spitting image of the "Big Oak". It's made of the same quality materials and workmanship as its bigger brother, but its just two feet shorter. This smaller piece of cat furniture still provides multi-level climbing layers, several scratching areas, and plenty of resting space. It has four large leaves that are sculptured to nestle your cat and provide additional comfort with extra padding and our thermal layer which retains your cat's body heat. Each leaf is attached to the trunk with a special brace that allows it to "flex" under the cat's weight. Thus when your cat climbs or jumps onto a leaf it has a built-in shock absorber to cushion the landing making is easier on your cat's joints and back. There are nine holes to keep "curiosity" at its peak, each leading to the center of the trunk which is 12 inches in diameter and fully lined. The top platform is also padded and has a thermal layer for comfort. The wide round base ensures stability and guarantees the cat tree will not tip during normal use.

Go to the website and order one for your cat today ...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Will Your Cat Use the New Cat Tree?

This is a question that a lot of cat owners are looking for the answer to. Many are hesitant to spend the money for a new cat tree not knowing if the cat will use it. We address this and other questions that cat owners have regarding cat furniture in our "Frequently Asked Questions" section of our website. Take a look ... you can find it at:

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday Travel With Your Cat

A lot of people will be traveling by air this holiday season. Taking along you cat can be relatively easy if you know the rules and the right questions to ask. We devoted a newsletter earlier this year just to domestic air travel with your feline friend. You can take a look by clicking on the link below:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Picture - Tropical Flower

The Tropical Flower is one of our most popular cat trees. We took a new picture with a black background to bring out the color better. Turned out very well. This is an ideal cat tree to place in front of an outside window where your cat can enjoy the out of doors. This unit is not a large piece of cat furniture but the vibrant colors and unique design make it the focalpoint of conversation. Order yours today to have it before Christmas.
You can place your order at:

Saturday, November 24, 2007


The sky is the limit for fun and comfort. You will smile from ear to ear to see how much fun your cat is having on the cat tree. Whether your cat prefers to be "above the cloud" or just relaxing on an oversized contoured leaf, it will enjoy security and warmth because of the special features we build in. Bring this fairytale home for your cat today.

To see our complete line of cat furniture go to:

Still time to order and receive your cat tree before Christmas - but you can't wait much longer, better order today.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Your Cat and Second Hand Smoke

I came across what I thought was a good article about how second hand smoke affects your pets and cats in particular. The article was published is Prevention Magazine. If interested here is the link:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scratching is Natural

You know they say scratching is as natural as breathing for a cat. If you don't provide a suitable place for your cat to scratch you can bet they will find a place, and it may not be one you approve of. Cat's can be trained to scratch were you want them to. You start by providing them with something to scratch and make sure it is conveniently located. We pride ourselves with building our larger cat trees with a high quality commercial carpet that's ideal for a cat to sink their claws into and pull. These trees have a built in scratching post, and along with the many other features we incorporate into our trees, make them the number one choice of cats and cat lover's. See our full line of cat trees at: and look for the blue or red cat paw which will tell you whether or not the tree is suitable for a clawed cat.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Healthy Cat

A cat that increases its activity level will burn more calories, get in better cardiovascular shape and not experience as much boredom. Your cat needs exercise just as much as you do, and unfortunately most people don’t think about providing exercise opportunities for their cat, whereas they will for the family dog.

Providing good exercise opportunities for indoor cats can be a challenge. We thought about that when we planned our cat furniture and came up with designs to meet every need. The small cat trees are of particular interest to kittens and older cats that may have trouble climbing and jumping. Crawling over and under these trees is challenging and fun for all cats providing them a wonderful and safe exercise opportunity. The medium cat trees raise the bar another level by allowing the cats to climb and jump their way to the top of these trees, while at the same time tweaking their curiosity by giving them nooks and crannies to climb into and through. For the ultimate exercise experience you need one of our large cat trees. There is no end to the fun and activity that a cat can experience on one of these trees. Your cat can have as many as six levels on which to climb and up to nine holes to dart in and out of while constantly discovering new facets of their domain.

A cat tree from Great Lakes Cat Furniture is but one of many ways to entice your cat to get more exercise, and the units are very unique and colorful providing a focalpoint in any d├ęcor. See the full line of cat trees at:

Friday, October 12, 2007

Black Eyed Susan - Two Sizes

The Black Eyed Susan is a very unique piece of cat furniture. The larger cat tree stands 4 feet 7 inches tall and is 54 inches wide. It has a 30 inch round padded bed on the top which has a thermal liner to retain your cat's body heat for hours of comfort. There are two large sculptured leaves and two smaller leaves on the trunk of the cat tree, all constructed with high grade carpeting and thermal liner. Four holes in the thunk will keep the most inquisitive cat busy, or provide a quiet spot for when your cat wants to be left alone. The trunk is wrapped in a commercial grade carpet the cats just love to dig their claws into when scratching or stretching, it's like having a built in scratching post. Because the carpet is of such high quality it will give you years of trouble free wear. A wide round base adds stability that guarantees this Cat Tree will not tip under normal use. This unique flower design and color scheme will be the focal point in any decor.

The smaller unit is made with the same attention to detail and the same quality material. It stands only 3 feet high and is 50 inches wide, and is packed with the same features that cats love in the larger tree. There are two scultured leaves measuring 10 inches by 20 inches, and two holes in the trunk to tweak curiosity and provide a "get away" spot. This smaller unit is a great value and it fits nicely in front of an outside window.

Get more information on these, and our entire line of cat furniture at:

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The popular "Sunflower"

The Sunflower is a medium sized cat tree and is one of our more attractive and popular products. Its compact in size, colorful in presentation and uniquely fits into a corner or in front of a window. The Sunflower has all the features of our much larger trees.

Whether climbing, jumping, hiding, exploring, or its more common activity, sleeping, this is the perfect unit for your cat. The cat tree is 4 feet 4 inches tall and 52 inches wide. The top flower is 28 inches round with a padded center and a thermal liner to retain your cat's heat for added comfort. There are four 9 inch holes that lead to the center of the trunk which is 12 inches in diameter. Four sculptured leaves surround the trunk providing layers for climbing or space for "snoozing". Each leaf has a thermal liner for added comfort, and each is hinged to provide "flex" when the cat jumps onto the leaf making it easier on its joints and back. Older cats will get more use out of the unit because of this feature. The trunk is wrapped in high grade commercial carpeting providing a scratching post for your cat. The wide round base adds stability and guarantees the cat tree will not tip during normal use. This cat tree will fit into a corner, taking up less floor space and not sacrificing stability. This unique piece of cat furniture will be the focalpoint of activity for your cat, and the center of conversation among your friends.

Take a look at our website for other uniquely designed cat trees.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Form of Payment

Great Lakes Cat Furniture now accepts eLayaway as an acceptable form of payment for our cat trees. eLayaway makes it easy to afford the things you want most. Like traditional layaway, eLayaway allows you to make payments on any of our cat trees, with delivery upon payment in full. Membership in eLayaway is FREE and there are no credit checks!

Sign up for your FREE account today at:

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Big Oak

On our website The "Big Oak" is getting the most traffic of our product pages. It's no wonder because it's built like the real thing - very strong and durable. It stands seven feet tall and weights 150 lbs. It's large enough for seventeen cats to be on it at the same time. There are a total of twelve leaves, each sculptured for your cat's comfort and lined with our unique thermal layer to retains your cat's body heat. Nine holes are positioned in the truck providing many areas for exploration or hiding. The Cat Tree trunk is wrapped in commercial grade carpeting turning it into a scratching post and also giving your cat an ideal place to stretch. Our unique design allows for each piece to be easily replaced in the event of excessive wear and tear, or damage. You don't have to replace the entire tree because of an unsightly part - simply replace that part and continue enjoying the tree.

For those of you saying "seven feet - 150 lbs is just too big", we've made a smaller model. We call it the "Little Oak" (not a big stretch). It's only five feet tall and 115 lbs. Built with the same quality material and care to detail as the larger version. This might be just the right size your looking for.

Take a look at these and all our other products at:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Christmas (Cat) Tree

The leaves are just starting to show a little color in the northern states, and if you are like me, Christmas is something you really don't want to think about yet. However, a new cat tree for Christmas may be the perfect gift for the someone or the special feline you love. In which case you need to think about ordering early so that you can have the cat tree before the holiday. The longer you wait - the busier we will be - and the greater chance your cat tree will not be able to be delivered before Christmas. Don't be disappointed ... order today, and let us know it is a special gift for Christmas. We will hold the shipment and guarantee delivery just before Christmas. Check out the many selections at:

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The "Ragdoll" is a large, docile cat, that gets its unusual name from its willingness to relax and go limp like a rag doll when picked up. Ragdolls have a medium to long non-matting coat that has a soft texture like rabbit fur. They are known for their laid back termperament that makes them very easy going, affectionate, playful and sociable. They are very people oriented and comfortable around groups of people. Ragdolls are known for their broad chests and large hindquarters, they do not reach full maturity until between 3 to 4 years. Females are smaller than males, weighing about 10-15 pounds on average. Males weigh an average of 12-20 pounds as adults.

A Ragdoll makes an excellant companion if you are looking for a non-agressive cat that loves to be around people, and is very placid. If you are one of those people who love the look of a long haired cat, but don't want the constant grooming associated with some breeds, then a Ragdoll would make a good choice.

The perfect cat tree for a Ragdoll would be any of the medium or large trees shown on our website ( that have a minimum leaf size of 10 inches by 16 inches. These leaves are contoured to "snuggle" your cat, have an extra layer of padding, and are lined with our thermal layer to retain the cat's body heat. With these "special comfort zones" there will never be a question as to where your cat is. Check out the full line of quality cat furniture on our website.

For more information about, and availability of Ragdolls go to:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Tropical Flower

This very colorful and unique Cat Tree is one of our more popular products. This specially designed piece of cat furniture is ideal to place in front of an outside window where your cat can spend hours being entertained while enjoying the special comfort features our cat trees provide. The unusual petal designed base makes the unit aesthetically pleasing while at the same time giving this cat tree greater stability. The entire cat tree is constructed with commercial grade carpeting ensuring years of trouble free wear. See the complete line of cat trees at:

Monday, September 17, 2007

International Shipment

We successfully shipped one of our Cat Trees to Canada. Most manufacturers won't ship Internationally because of the extra cost and effort involved. Our approach was to do the research and find out as much about shipping cat furniture internationally as possible, and then to give the customer the option of paying a little more in tax and duty to secure the best made cat tree available anywhere. Give us an opportunity and we will be happy to go the extra length to make sure that you to are a satisfied customer. Order your cat tree today at:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The "Spider"

The "Spider" can't really be called a Cat Tree, even though cats love to climb on it, crawl under it, and sleep in it. It's only 16 inches high, but provides a mountain of activity for cats that love to be adventuresome and for those that love to crawl into small confined spaces. Ideal for "older" cats who may not like to climb as much as they use to, or for the smallest of kittens who are just starting to discover the world. Learn about this tree and our entire line of cat furniture at

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Some Assembly Required"

If you ever put together children's toys that stated "some assembly required" you may shudder every time you hear those words. But let me assure you - assembly of our cat trees is simple and easy. The only tool required is a small wrench. The smaller trees (The Spider and The Acorn) come fully assembled, the rest need to be put together. The top and base simply "spin" on, and all that is required is that you "hand" tighten them to the trunk. The leaves attach to a metal bracket on the trunk with two bolts. The holes are easily accessible to slip the bolt through, and you have no trouble fitting a wrench onto the nut to tighten. Velco flaps hide all the metal parts. A drawing of how the parts go together comes with every cat tree for those who need a "visual".

The trees are very sturdy and stable once assembled, and guaranteed not to tip under normal use. The various parts of each cat tree is designed to be "replaceable" - if a leaf gets damaged for example, it can be replaced without replacing the entire tree. You may want to change the color theme; you could easily do that by changing parts. This feature gives you much more value for your money and extends the life of the tree.

So whatever you are looking for in Cat Furniture; whether its called a Cat Condo, Cat House, Cat Climbing Tree, Cat Scratching Post, etc. - you owe it to your feline friend to check out the products at Great Lakes Cat Furniture.

Don't let the phrase "some assembly required" scare you. It truely is fast and easy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Advertisement in Cat Fancy

Did you see our advertisement in "Cat Fancy" magazine. This was our first venture into national advertising and we were pleased with the number of responses received.
See the entire product line at:

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Great For Kittens

Curious kittens love this little Cat Tree. It's fun to climb on and play under. Standing only 13 inches high and 24 inches wide, it's the right size to fit anywhere. The padded top is 16 inches in diameter and is lined with a thermal liner to retain your cat's body temperature for added comfort. This feature also makes it a very good choice for your "senior" cats, who may have trouble climbing and jumping, but still want a comfortable place to rest. Four large leaves support the top and add to the unique design of the cat tree we call "The Acorn".
See this, and the complete line of unique cat trees at: Great Lakes Cat Furniture.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Air Travel With Your Cat

Many people love to travel with their pets, and if you are planning air travel in the future and would like to take along your feline companion it's important to know the rules. Here is a link that will help you: Rules for Air Travel

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Line of Cat Furniture

Great Lakes Cat Furniture has designed and started marketing a new line of cat furniture. Each cat tree is hand built of only the finest materials for superior performance and durability. Every part of the cat tree is replaceable so that if only part of it becomes damaged or worn, the entire tree does not have to be replaced. You can see the entire product line at