Thursday, December 13, 2007

Higher the Better

Even though man has been able to domesticate many of the cat breeds, there remains imprinted in these domesticated cats a strong instinctive trait compelling them to find high places from which to observe their territory. The Savanah in the picture to the left has found what he thinks is the best spot at the TICA show held in Grand Rapids MI this year. Not only did the cat tree provide the highest point in the room, it also provided several hiding places and many comfortable and secure spots to relax and nap.
Our unique cat trees are built with your cat's instictive behavioral traits in mind. That's why our cat furniture is the number one choice of cats and cat lovers everywhere.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Little Oak

This cat tree we call the "Little Oak" and its almost the spitting image of the "Big Oak". It's made of the same quality materials and workmanship as its bigger brother, but its just two feet shorter. This smaller piece of cat furniture still provides multi-level climbing layers, several scratching areas, and plenty of resting space. It has four large leaves that are sculptured to nestle your cat and provide additional comfort with extra padding and our thermal layer which retains your cat's body heat. Each leaf is attached to the trunk with a special brace that allows it to "flex" under the cat's weight. Thus when your cat climbs or jumps onto a leaf it has a built-in shock absorber to cushion the landing making is easier on your cat's joints and back. There are nine holes to keep "curiosity" at its peak, each leading to the center of the trunk which is 12 inches in diameter and fully lined. The top platform is also padded and has a thermal layer for comfort. The wide round base ensures stability and guarantees the cat tree will not tip during normal use.

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