Thursday, July 10, 2008

Latest Newsletter Available

The June issue of our newsletter has been archived and is now available by clicking the link below. In this issue we feature the new "Little Jack" which is a smaller version of the Jack-n-Beanstalk cat tree and made to fit in smaller spaces like an apartment or small room. We mention two more companies offering pet insurance because it is becoming more important to have it so you can control cost of cat health care. We all know that a sick cat is an expensive cat, and one of the biggest benefits to a good pet insurance policy is preventative care. The newsletter also includes tips on protecting your cat from Summer's Heat. Now that we are into July and August you need to be aware of how excessive heat affects your cat and what can be done to keep it comfortable - kitty will thank you. And then lastly, Cody offers some suggestions on what you can do to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster. Hope you enjoy.