Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The popular "Sunflower"

The Sunflower is a medium sized cat tree and is one of our more attractive and popular products. Its compact in size, colorful in presentation and uniquely fits into a corner or in front of a window. The Sunflower has all the features of our much larger trees.

Whether climbing, jumping, hiding, exploring, or its more common activity, sleeping, this is the perfect unit for your cat. The cat tree is 4 feet 4 inches tall and 52 inches wide. The top flower is 28 inches round with a padded center and a thermal liner to retain your cat's heat for added comfort. There are four 9 inch holes that lead to the center of the trunk which is 12 inches in diameter. Four sculptured leaves surround the trunk providing layers for climbing or space for "snoozing". Each leaf has a thermal liner for added comfort, and each is hinged to provide "flex" when the cat jumps onto the leaf making it easier on its joints and back. Older cats will get more use out of the unit because of this feature. The trunk is wrapped in high grade commercial carpeting providing a scratching post for your cat. The wide round base adds stability and guarantees the cat tree will not tip during normal use. This cat tree will fit into a corner, taking up less floor space and not sacrificing stability. This unique piece of cat furniture will be the focalpoint of activity for your cat, and the center of conversation among your friends.

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