Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our Cat Trees are Environmentally Safe

Recently we had a customer ask if there is any danger to their cat from gasses or toxins given off by the carpet we use on our cat trees. To my knowledge its the first time we have been asked that, and rather than just give a quick "sales answer" I decided to do some research and learn something about "outgassing". We do use only quality carpet from such manufacturers as Shaw and Mohawk, and that actually made it a little easier to get some answers. I contacted the customer service department of both companies and they were very happy to answer my questions. Basically both reported the same information: At the time carpet is made there can be barely traceable amounts of gas or toxin left in the product. The carpet is rolled, shrink wrapped and sent to a dealer. Those unwanted trace elements remain in that roll until the carpet is unrolled for display or installation. Once that roll has been opened and exposed to the environment any traceable gas or toxin is 100% dissipated within 72 hours. Our cat tree manufacturing process has the carpet we're using exposed to the air a lot longer than 72 hours before that cat tree is even shipped. So, by the time our product gets to your home there is absolutely no possible warm that can be done to your pet or your family.

As a sidebar, I did learn that modern carpet manufacturing methods call for the use of agricultural products, such as corn, instead of petroleum based products. This new method doesn't leave any trace of gas or toxins in the finished product and is 100% safe.

One more reason to check out our "safe", "environmentally friendly" cat furniture.

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