Monday, October 15, 2007

A Healthy Cat

A cat that increases its activity level will burn more calories, get in better cardiovascular shape and not experience as much boredom. Your cat needs exercise just as much as you do, and unfortunately most people don’t think about providing exercise opportunities for their cat, whereas they will for the family dog.

Providing good exercise opportunities for indoor cats can be a challenge. We thought about that when we planned our cat furniture and came up with designs to meet every need. The small cat trees are of particular interest to kittens and older cats that may have trouble climbing and jumping. Crawling over and under these trees is challenging and fun for all cats providing them a wonderful and safe exercise opportunity. The medium cat trees raise the bar another level by allowing the cats to climb and jump their way to the top of these trees, while at the same time tweaking their curiosity by giving them nooks and crannies to climb into and through. For the ultimate exercise experience you need one of our large cat trees. There is no end to the fun and activity that a cat can experience on one of these trees. Your cat can have as many as six levels on which to climb and up to nine holes to dart in and out of while constantly discovering new facets of their domain.

A cat tree from Great Lakes Cat Furniture is but one of many ways to entice your cat to get more exercise, and the units are very unique and colorful providing a focalpoint in any d├ęcor. See the full line of cat trees at:

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