Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scratching is Natural

You know they say scratching is as natural as breathing for a cat. If you don't provide a suitable place for your cat to scratch you can bet they will find a place, and it may not be one you approve of. Cat's can be trained to scratch were you want them to. You start by providing them with something to scratch and make sure it is conveniently located. We pride ourselves with building our larger cat trees with a high quality commercial carpet that's ideal for a cat to sink their claws into and pull. These trees have a built in scratching post, and along with the many other features we incorporate into our trees, make them the number one choice of cats and cat lover's. See our full line of cat trees at: http://www.greatlakescatfurniture.com/ and look for the blue or red cat paw which will tell you whether or not the tree is suitable for a clawed cat.

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