Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Delivery for Christmas

It's hard to think about Christmas in July. The way time flies however, it will be here before we know it. We just want to remind you that you have the eLayaway payment option when you order our cat furniture. eLayaway works the same as layaway in a department store. You order your cat tree of choice - select eLayaway as the form of payment - make convenient monthly payments according to your selections, and the tree is shipped to you after your final payment is made.

There is a 1.9% transaction fee charged by eLayaway - but that sure beats the 18 plus percent charged by most credit card companies. With credit card as form of payment you receive the product you ordered and you continue to pay for it for several months after. With eLayaway the payments are made before receiving the product, so when you get your new cat tree there are no additional payments that have to be made.

If you would like to have a new cat tree for Christmas but simply don't have the extra means to buy it at this time, consider the eLayaway option. If you order your tree today and make eLayaway your form of payment option, it could be fully paid for and delivered before Christmas. When was the last time you could say your Christmas presents were paid for before Christmas.

You can check it all out at:

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sergio.pinon said...

My name is Sergio and I am the CEO of eLayaway (and a cat person). First off, I want to commend you and your website/blog. It is truly first class! I would also like to thank you for promoting eLayaway. We are truly passionate about giving consumers a better, more affordable way to buy the things they want most. Fiscal responsibility should be rewarded. To show my appreciation, I would like to extend your readers an offer that will waive our usual 1.9% fee. For the rest of July and the month of August (2008) if they use eLayaway and enter promo code: I LOVE CATS during the checkout process, the system will automatically waive the transaction fee. Again... thank you!!!