Monday, August 04, 2008

The New Jersey Fat Cat

Did you hear about the 44 pound cat in New Jersey that's been making the national news lately? Poor thing is only two pounds short of the record weight for a cat. We all know that extra weight on a cat can be very harmful to its health and a real strain on your wallet.

There is an article on the internet by Kim Boatman, who is a journalist in Northern California, that talks about The Seven Signs Your Cat's Eating Right. One of the signs concerns the optimum weight for your cat. If you think your pet has a weight problem this article certainly is worth taking a look at, just click on the link of the title.

Another way to help your cat maintain its slim, trim, physique of a young healthy cat is to make sure it gets plenty of exercise. A good way to do that is to provide your cat with a cat tree large enough to allow the cat to be in continuous motion while it is playing on the tree or running up and down the tree. We pride ourselves in building trees that will afford your cat the opportunity to get plenty of exercise. Take a look at our complete product offering at:

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