Thursday, March 06, 2008

Frequent Flyer Miles for Your Cat

People are beginning to think about Spring Break and Summer Vacations. Many people would like to bring their feline companion along on vacation, but unless they are driving, are not sure how to go about making arrangements. We are in the process of creating a series of articles that will take the guesswork out of making arrangements for your cat to fly with you in the event you are planning to use air transportation. The first article has been posted and discusses general rules and regulations of the airline industry. Here you will learn about the need for advance arrangements, the three ways your cat can travel, embargoes on account of temperature extremes, what container or kennel to use, health certificate requirements, the use of tranquilizers and more general information. To read the full article click Air Travel for Domestic Cats.

It is planned that from this main article you will be able to click on the airline you are flying and get specific information as to what their rules and regulations are. The first airline we have listed is Northwest Airlines. Over the next couple weeks we will add all the main domestic U.S. carriers. So if you are planning to travel by air the Spring or Summer and would like to take your cat along here is the first source to check to see how you go about making arrangements.

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