Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Most Popular Tree

Ever wonder what our best selling cat tree is? Well, so far in 2008 it has been the Little Oak. The design and size is perfect whether you have one cat or several. There is plenty of room for your cat or cats to be very active, moving from leaf to leaf, and darting in and out of the many holes. Your cat's curiosity will be constantly challenged. And after a period of activity each one of the leaves and the top platform are welcoming spots for a well deserved nap. The leaves are molded and lined with a thermal liner to store your cat's body heat for added comfort. Once your cat has snuggled-in even the sound of the can opener may not be enough to get them to move.

The Little Oak is approximately five feet tall and four and a half feet wide (from leaf tip to leaf tip). The trunk diameter is twelve inches. The large round base adds stability and guarantees the cat tree will not tip during normal use.

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