Thursday, March 06, 2008

Luxury Cat Beds and Furniture

We make some of the most unique cat furniture in the industry. All our cat trees are hand crafted of only the finest materials to assure long lasting satisfaction. We also have a five year limited warranty on the construction of the tree.

Some of the features we build into our cat furniture include:
- All our leaves are contoured so your cat 'molds' into the leaf providing a higher comfort index.
- Our large leaves and tops have a thermal liner that retains your cat's body heat for greater comfort.
- Leaves are designed to 'flex' when your cat climbs or jumps on them, so they act as a shock absorber, making it easier on your cat's joints.
- The extra wide base on every cat tree insures stability and prevents tipping.
- A wide variety of sizes and colors helps you find the perfect unit for the most finicky of cats or hard to fit area.
- All the tops, leaves and bases are easily replaced in the event of damage or wear thus giving you an affordable way of extending the life of the cat tree.

Our goal is to provide a quality piece of cat furniture that is both functional and cost effective and that will give you and your cat(s) years of pleasure and security while maintaining our lead in the category of luxury cat beds and furniture.

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