Thursday, March 06, 2008

Save 15% If Ordered In March 2008

The unique Jack-N-Beanstalk cat tree is on sale during the month of March 2008. Order this cat tree from our website and save 15% on the cost of the tree (that's a $120.00 savings). The Jack-N-Beanstalk is the most widely commented on piece of cat furniture we sell. Its unique design is meant to bring back memories of the childhood fairytale of the same name. This tree is a huge entertainment and comfort center for your cat or cats because several cats can fit on this tree. The top is a 30" by 40" platform shaped like a "cloud", and has two holes through which your cat can climb. The top bed is padded and contains our special thermal liner to retain your cat's body heat while they are sleeping or just relaxing above the "cloud". A total of 10 large sculptured leaves surround the trunk. Each leaf is contoured to "snuggle" your cat and is lined with the same heat retention layer that is built into the top. A 4" round vain has been added to the trunk in a serpentine affect to make it appear more like a beanstalk and provide another feature to entertain your cat. The base is 34" round for stability and guaranteed not to tip during normal cat. The entire cat tree is lined with high grade carpeting giving you and your cat years of trouble free wear and tear. A great value for the cost. This special design complements any setting and will be the focalpoint of conversation. Orders yours today!

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